Singhal Foundation

In an Ideal world, money should never come in the way of a child realizing his/ her dreams. However some children do not have access to a school while others are hindered for socioeconomic reasons and the ones who are able to enroll are forced to drop out for inadequate reasons. Good education is not always accessible to the under-privileged in our society. And that’s for what Singhal Foundation came forward. Singhal Foundation provides access to high quality education to disadvantaged children who don’t have adequate resources. According to 19th annual status of education report (ASER) three in four children of ages 6 to 14 go to the government schools. Given the sheer population of students, government run schools face unique challenges in delivering the quality education to the masses.

Founders of Singhal Foundation are Dr. Amit Singhal and Ms. Shilpa Singhal, both of them have experienced the transformative effects of education. Dr. Amit is known as the man behind Google search as he led Google search for over 15 years (2000-2016). After 15 years of leading Google search, Dr. amit with the support of Ms. shilpa, decided to give back to his community through Singhal Foundation. Singhal Foundation’s India’s operations director is Mr. Vikram Ahuja. He is a lifelong educator. His passion for education exhibit in his 16 years of leading Euro kids and Euro schools institutions in state of Rajasthan, India.

Bridging the education gap between privileged and underprivileged , Singhal Foundation is working to provide free education to disadvantaged kids through their flagship project, Aptly named ”PROJECT HOPE”.

Project ‘’HOPE’’ is a philanthropic project of Singhal Foundation commenced in beautiful city Jodhpur. It strives to provide a greater education to most deserving under-privileged children through scholarships to attend the best schools in the city and supports them through outside classroom supports and activities. It is initiated from Jodhpur and after beautifying many lives in various cities of India, has now stepped into Ajmer through Sanskriti- The School.

Sanskriti- The School is the best school in Ajmer in terms of quality education. Its mission statement “Nurturing The Leaders of Tomorrow” exhibits its determination and dedication towards quality education. It nurtures the entire personal and social development of the students to fabricate them to become future leaders.

Singhal Foundation conducts a foundation level aptitude test, to analyse the basic learning skills of the students, which is followed by in-person interview with student’s parents to know about their background. After rigorous screening Singhal Foundation selects the students to attend the school for free of cost under the project “HOPE” and provides scholarships to them to get quality education. This year singhal foundation has selected 19 students who are eligible for scholarships and are getting quality education in Sanskriti- The School to realize their hopes with the”HOPE”